Phd students
  • Nicolás Sujovolsky
  • Nicolás Echebarrena (co-advisor)
former students
  • Patricio Clark di Leoni (PhD, currently at Università Roma Tor Vergata)
  • Tomás Teitelbaum (PhD, currently at CRISIL)
  • Paola Rodriguez Imazio (PhD and MSc, currently at the Argentinian National Weather Service)
  • María Inés Auliel (PhD and MSc co-advisor)
  • Ernesto Horne (MSc, currently at ENS-Lyon)
  • Mariano Santaya (MSc)
  • David Oks (MSc)
  • Alexis Gomel (co-advisor)
  • Luis Martin (MSc)
  • Franco Berbeglia (MSc)
Research group

I am a member of FLiP! at the Physics Department of the University of Buenos Aires. Other professors in our group are:

  • Pablo Dmitruk
  • Pablo Cobelli