Workshop on Professional Skills for Young Latin American Female Scientists and Science Students

Fostering an Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 12-15, 2016

This workshop is the continuation of the I Workshop on Professional Skills for Young Female Scientists that took place in en Puebla, México, From July 30th, through August 2nd, 2014 (http://mctp.mx/e_habilidades_profesionales.html) and of the II Workshop that took place in Cuernavaca, México, in 2015. (http://www.ifuap.buap.mx/eventos/II_THPJC).

It is aimed mainly at Latin American female graduate students and young  researchers of STEM areas, particularly, those where women are under-represented such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Computer Science and Earth Science. Those that do not fit in this description can also participate in the talks and round tables. Their participation in the discussion sessions will depend on the total number of participants.  The goals of the Workshop are:

  • To contribute towards a larger participation of women in STEM areas, potentiating their capacities.
  • To equip young Latin American female scientists with useful tools for a successful career development.
  • To offer the opportunity to talk with female scientists in more advanced stages of their careers and learn from their experience and to establish a dialogue with social scientists with interest in the problems associated to gender and science.
  • To foster collaborations within the Latin American region to promote the growth of multidisciplinary investigations.

The is no registration fee to attend the Workshop. In order to organize the activities better we request those interested in participating to register at: http://wp.df.uba.ar/tdscti/en/wpgforms/registration-form/. We do not know yet with how much funds we will count to support the travel and/or living expenses of participants coming from outside the Buenos Aires area, both in Argentina and in other Latin American countries. Those who need financial support please request it by April 30th at the registration page.

For more information, please contact Silvina Ponce Dawson by e-mail  (silvina at df.uba.ar) using the subject: “Taller de dialogo”.

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